Take Card Payments over the PHONE

IVR Payments and Arrears collection

Take card payments over the phone using IVR, Visual IVR and SMS

Notify your customers about outstanding accounts through the most appropriate notification channel, for example, SMS, eMail etc. Make it easy to take card payments over the phone by including the phone number for your IVR Payment application, or, a link to your Visual IVR payment application in your notification.


The notification message includes “one-touch” access to an automated telephone payment collection application that can accept card payments over the phone allowing customers to react immediately and make a payment using a standard telephone, or, smart-phone device.


Give your customers the option to make a payment over the telephone automatically, using standard credit or debit cards.


Review your interactions with your customers and measure the effectiveness of your reminders and collection service.

Business Benefits

Realise the business benefits of integrated and automated card payments over the phone
Remind and Collect with ONE customer interaction

An IVR payment service provides your customers with a 24x7x365 payment channel accessible from any phone, in any place, at any time.

Automated telephone payments made through the IVR Payment system are processed, tracked and reported on in the same way as payments through any other payment channel.

Using an IVR Payment service will process your daily phone payment call volume for a fraction of the cost associated with staff members doing this work manually.

An externally hosted IVR Payment service mitigates PCI-DSS issues associated with processing telephone payments manually.

  • Automated Self-Service

    Let your customers interact at their convenience

  • Leverage Infrastructure

    Provide more channels into your online payment infrastructure

  • Optimise Operations

    Remove task of handling payment calls from staff

  • Reduce PCI Scope

    Reduce the impact of PCI on your operations by externally hosting your IVR Payment service

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