January 30, 2017

IVR using stripe

Does your business need to be able to take card payments?  Our SMS auto pay system is driven by Stripe and allows your customers to pay you by card, with no fuss.  Watch our brief video and fill out the form below to register.

Stripe payments offer a new and easy way to take card payments over the telephone using IVR and Visual IVR applications.

The stripe service is “pay as you go”. There are no setup fees or ongoing monthly fees. A fee is deducted for each transaction processed. See Stripe’s fee structure for Republic of Ireland.

Using the stripe payment platform, SyberNet can get you processing transactions over the telephone into your stripe account very rapidly.

  • No merchant account setup is required
  • No monthly rental of card POS devices
  • No stripe setup fees
  • No monthly minimum charges

The process is simple and secure.

  1. Create a stripe account.
  2. Once you have created your stripe account navigate to the API section in the stripe dashboard and note the API keys for both test and live environments.

    stripe IVR payments

    Stripe API settings

  3. Contact SyberNet to arrange exchange of these API keys. These keys allow SyberNet to post transactions to your stripe account.
  4. Once SyberNet have these keys, we will provide you with access to a hosted IVR and Visual IVR payment portal for your business.

    stripe transfers

    Transfers from stripe to your bank

  5. Finally, you need to update your stripe account with the details of your bank account into which stripe will transfer your funds.
  6. That’s it!