May 6, 2016

About Us

SyberNet specialise in the design, delivery and support of automated telephone self-service solutions, with a particular focus on automating the process of taking card payments over the phone. Our IVR and Visual IVR solutions are used by companies in the Utility,  Financial, Education and Local Authority sectors in order to accept card payments over the phone automatically, or,  to provide other 24×7 phone based automated services options to their customers.

These IVR solutions can be deployed as externally hosted services, or, as on-premise managed services, depending on customer requirements. For on-premise deployments, SyberNet integrates the IVR system with the existing telephony environment and with the business system running the customer operation.

For customers using UNIT4 Business World or UNIT4 Agresso, our automated telephone payment(ATP) solution is available as an integral part of the UNIT4 Business World Income Management solution.