Click through SMS to IVR and Visual IVR

Including a link to your IVR in an SMS message makes it easy to take card payments over the phone.

Link IVR with SMS

First of all, outbound SMS messages are a great way to remind customers of outstanding amounts on their account. Including a clickable contact number for an IVR payment line, or, a smartphone optimised web payment application enhances their effectiveness. Now, customers have the details of the outstanding balance, and a ONE TOUCH link, to make a payment immediately.

Reduce Cost of Collection

The cost of collection using an automated self-service channel is a fraction of  the cost associated with handling the same transaction face-to-face, or, over the phone, through a member of staff. As well as, reduced staff costs, savings also accrue to the business from reduced postage and letter processing and cash or cheque handling.

Make it Easy to Pay

By including a link to a standard IVR based automated telephone payment solution, or, a smart-phone enabled web payment application, customers have a direct link to an automated service which can take a card payment over the phone at the customer’s convenience.

Consequently, customers don’t have to look for a telephone number, or, the payment page on a website.  They have ONE TOUCH access to the self-service payment infrastructure.

It is EASY for customers to make a payment and LESS EXPENSIVE for the business to collect it!